SuperWoke (special edition)

by Steaksauce Mustache

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released March 15, 2019


all rights reserved



Steaksauce Mustache Medford, Oregon

Steaksauce Mustache is a chaotic rock'n'roll band from the tree infested reaches of southern Oregon.

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Track Name: Barnyard Brodown
Marred by crows and vulture claws,
Born in the land of degenerates and outlaws.
I yearn to outgrow my human jaws,
But I doubt my sanity more than I doubt yours and you doubt if we exist so -
Show me strobing holographic neon signs.
Sustain the public with gasoline, but sing me something new.
Evacuate the colony before my harbinger melts down.
Relapsing as our immoral nuclear hellion is crowned.
Don’t let me die alone.
Recycled stillborn clones.
(Watch as we decompose beyond the boundaries of human souls)
I am super woke.
Track Name: Denim Diaper Daddies
Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
If I should die before I wake,
Then sleeping was my last mistake.
Go to hell, then go back for more than you bargained for.
1-2-3 all eyes on me.
Tell me what you want to hear, I’ll tell you I want honesty.
No one can breathe.
There’s toxin in the atmosphere, I heard it on the new tv.
Cut out my tongue so you can watch me bleed, the ramblings of a lone deadbeat.
Believe you me that this is what you need, because the truth will set you -
Go to hell, then go back for more than you bargained for.
Hey, turn off the screen and we will make a scene, raise our voice ‘til it’s deafening.
Believe you me that this is what you need, because the truth will set you free.
Yeah, the truth will set you free.
I meant what I said and I said what I meant,
And an elephant's faithful one-hundred percent.
When you raise hell in the church, I’ll preach the gospel to it,
Set fire to my grave and wake up the dead.
Did you think that you could survive?
Remember that you must die.
Momento Mori, bro.
Untether my broken soul.
I think we are losing our minds.
Please God don’t leave me behind.
I’d like to travel through time.
Drink poison while you wait to die.
Lay down and never wake up.
Phone home and hang me out to dry.
Reboot, the central data’s corrupt.
Resuming communal core self destruct.
Everything is a-okay,
Yeah, take apart my brain today.
Maybe someday you will find,
Something valuable to pass the time.
I would really like to travel time.
Please God don’t leave me behind.
Track Name: Balls Deep in Spiders
I am buried alive by all of my regrets.
Sift through the ruins and you will find,
Some old skeletons of friends of mine.
Any day I expect to see pigs fly,
When suicide is just a matter of time.
Is this a dream or reality?
My eyes can be so deceiving.
Turn it up, drown the voices in my head,
I’ll be the anthem of the living dead.
My mind echos like an empty tomb,
And I might go insane if I don't break free from it soon.
Am I going crazy?
Shut up the voices in the back of my head.
My mind feels hazy.
I can't sleep with these spiders in my bed.
I am going crazy.
Shut up shut up shut up!
My mind feels so hazy.
I can’t sleep with these spiders in my bed.
These spiders make a web.
These spiders want me dead.
Spiders are in my head.
I am buried alive by all of my regrets.
I am buried.
Track Name: Pass the Fist, Pacifist
Let them come a little closer,
To divide the weak from the prey.
The general will fall upon his bayonet,
And the young will dig their own graves.
We never said we’d keep silent,
We never promised to behave.
We refuse to praise your violence.
Your bullets won’t keep you safe.
(Brace yourselves)
We won’t go back home.
You’re not welcome here.
Your words are poison.
We can smell your fear.
Your words are venomous and taste like hell.
We’ve heard enough of what you preach.
Don’t pretend like you speak for God,
When your tongue slithers and squirms like a leach.
We won’t go silently.
We are a family.
We know what you are.
We’ve heard this song before.
We know the melody.
We see the chains in store,
For those bound in your slavery.
We said we’d never keep silent.
We promised to misbehave.
So here’s a taste of your own violence.
Our bullets will keep you safe.
Every breath that you release is filled with hate and vanity.
You and me could never be for now or for eternity.
One and one does not make three, your words are killing me.
You and me could never be for now or for eternity.
We won’t go silently.
We are a family.
Track Name: Space Bank
Summon the fury of a stampede.
My eyes are set to kill the first man they meet.
I’ll follow the trail of anything that bleeds.
Everyone is talking too loud,
But not one mouth is making a sound worth listening to,
In the toxic cloud of this conceited crowd.
There's blood in the water I'm drinking,
And sharks inhabit the entire shore.
Parasites swarm the severed snakehead,
Consume the apple and the rotten core.
There's no logic in the words I'm speaking,
But I just don’t care anymore.
Why can't you see that I'm exhausted?
Maybe I'll find sleep in a morgue.
I’ve been thinking that I think I think too much,
But I can’t hear myself thinking that I think I think too much.
Am I falling apart or everything falling in place?
There's venom in the food I eat,
Chemicals pouring in my sink.
Is my mind coming undone a byproduct of my selfish ambition?
We ring around the rosy, but what the hell is posy?
Ashes to ashes, we all fall down.
Are we falling apart or are we falling in place?
Our minds are coming undone, a byproduct of our selfish ambition.
I'm not okay, no nothing feels quite right today.
With a soul as free as a bird, my mind is captivated by the grave.
I'd set myself on fire if I could burn away all my mistakes.
I’m not okay today, maybe I'll find peace in the malevolent gray.
Wake me up from my grave.
I refuse to die a slave.
Cut me out of my brain.
I refuse to believe we’re not all insane.
Track Name: You Can't Piss on Hospitality
(Here we go again, running your mouth in circles)
You want to say whatever you want to say,
You want to do whatever you want to,
But eventually every debt has to be paid,
When every choice you make catches up to you.
We are not your slaves and you're not our God,
So please learn to behave and be careful when you talk.
You want to destroy everyone in your way,
Shut up the voices that don’t agree with you,
But you should listen to what the flowers have to say,
They purify the air that you constantly pollute.
Do not ignore the lion’s roar.
We are not your slaves and you're not our God,
So please learn to behave and be careful when you talk.
This mirror is so awful at listening to what I have to say,
And it reflects all of my failures as clear as the light of day.
Have I been screaming at myself this entire time?
Because all of the ghosts are eating away inside of my mind.
I keep turning the page, but they all look the same inside of my brain.
Looking for the door of this emotional and spiritual cage,
But I can't escape from the man whose eyes are on fire burning with rage.
I try to find clear air to breathe,
Drowning at the bottom of the deep blue sea,
But I can’t breathe with you choking me.
I try to find clear air to breathe,
Drowning at the bottom of the deep blue sea,
But I can’t breathe with you standing on me.
I tried so damn hard to be everything that you wanted me to be,
But I just want you to be happy, and I desperately need to be free.
I tried so damn hard to fake everything that you wanted me to make,
But I'm running out of ways for you to make my heart break.
Eat what we kill for you.
This ends today,
You won't escape,
We are through.
We’ll eat when we kill you.
Track Name: Dance Cops
Frantic pandemonium,
Excessive use of force, dropping verbal plutonium.
Spastic terror symposium.
Profit from the poor, control them from the podium.
Hands up, light the sirens.
Raise your voices, kill the silence.
Stand tall, or not at all.
A castle wall will never fall, but our unity is a cannonball.
Cock it like a loaded gun.
Spitting like a cobra’s tongue.
I can’t think straight in this noise pollution.
Party like a Catholic nun.
You can hide but you’ve got nowhere to run away.
Fan the flames of the insane.
The fire hurts but,
Hell hath no fury like a millennial scorned.
Do you feel no empathy?
Prophet save your breath,
Your Gossip tastes like meth.
Prophet, speak the truth and nothing but the truth.
Gossip, cut my ears just to shut you up.
I question if I am turning insane.
Cock it like a loaded gun.
This all makes sense In the back of my brain.
Spitting like a cobras tongue.
Watch me suffer and I’ll watch you decay.
Keep your bullets to yourself.
Track Name: Diesel Powered Baby
Midas wants to touch your soul,
Turn your body into gold,
Repeat the process until every piece is sold.
Throw your pearls in the pig’s snout,
But the truth will come spilling out.
With a double barrel to his temple,
Pull the trigger, watch him disassemble.
Hide her bones in the backyard,
Send her photo on a postcard.
Sell your soul on the black market ‘til your time is spent,
Chewing the fat, spitting the bones.
I smell a rat, hiding inside your throat.
Worship the knave, beat the dead horse,
Draining our souls, binging remorse.
Our river of blood will run its course.
I won’t let this be the death of my honesty.
Bury all your empty bodies in me.
Break my teeth to provoke the beast hiding.
I don’t think we know what we are doing,
But the human race is definitely losing control of the situation.
The Emperors of the deep, preying on the dreams of the sleeping sheep.
Train yourselves by repetition,
Heads bowed in complacent submission,
Grazing on only what we’re given,
A meal for wolves of our own volition.
Prophet warned us, we don’t listen,
Hurling towards inhuman conditions.
I want some peace and quiet, but I also want your conversation.
The spiders in my mind,
Sew a noose around my neck.
Look closer and you’ll find,
No monsters under my bed.
I want to go back in time,
Take back the words that I never said,
Save the me that I used to be,
From the fear inside my head.
(From the wounds that I have bled)
I want you to suffer.
I want you to suffer with me.
Track Name: SuperSleep
These lyrics are SuperSecret, if you figure them out make sure not to tell anyone otherwise the World Government will be after us. Don't let them know how SuperWoke you are!

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